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EXPERIMENT 7. FRICTION display updated with a reading of the current value form the sensor If so you may skip to step 4. 3. Configure LabQuest to use the force sensor. From the tab, select “Sensor setup ... choose “Force” for whichever channel the sensor is plugged into and then from the submenu select “Dual Range Force 10N” and click “OK”. 4. Calibrate your force sensor. With no tension in the string between the force sensor and the block, go to the tab, select Sensor Zero Dual Range Force ± 10 N . 5. Practice data collection by having your lab partner press down on the force sensor to hold it in position while you gently pull the paper horizontally out from under the block, slowly increasing the applied force until the paper slides out. 6. Once you are comfortable with the previous step, click on the data logger device to begin recording data and repeat step 5 for a 10 second interval. Your data should resemble figure 7.1. 7. Record the relevant values for the frictional force from the force vs. time curve on the
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