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Experiment 9 Conservation of Linear Momentum Objective To compare the sum of the momentum vectors before and after a two-dimensional collision of steel balls. To demonstrate the principle of conservation of linear momentum. Theory A consequence of Newton’s laws of motion is that during a collision of objects, the total momentum of the objects remains constant. Consider that Newton’s second law states ~ F = d~ p dt , with ~ p = m~v this reduces for objects with a constant mass to ~ F = m d~v dt or in the more familiar form ~ F = m~a . The original form can be rewritten as Δ
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Unformatted text preview: ~ p = ~ F Δ t . Newton’s third law states that the force exerted by an object on another is equal in magnitude and opposite in direction to the force that the other object exerts on the original object, which can be expressed by ~ F 12 =-~ F 21 so we can say that the momentum change for object 1 is Δ ~ p 1 = ~ F 21 Δ t when it collides with object 2 and is in contact for a time Δ t , while for object 2 the momentum change is 55...
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