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EXPERIMENT 9. CONSERVATION OF LINEAR MOMENTUM Δ ~ p 2 = ~ F 12 Δ t and thus the total momentum change is Δ ~ p tot = Δ ~ p 1 ~ p 2 = ( ~ F 12 + ~ F 21 t = 0 , i.e. the total momentum for the system is conserved. We will test this relationship by observing the momentum of two objects before and after they collide. Practice Consider an object of mass 2 kg moving with a velocity of ~v = 0 . 3 m / s ˆ x + 0 . 4 m / s ˆ y . What is the momentum for this object? Procedure Each student will record the collision of a pair of steel balls. The resulting video will be analyzed with the help of “Logger Pro” data analysis software to determine the velocity of each ball before and after the collision. 1. Record the mass of each steel ball. 2. Mount the webcam using the supplied mounting equipment so that it is looking straight down at the floor. 3. Open “Logger Pro” and select “Insert Video Capture
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