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EXPERIMENT 9. CONSERVATION OF LINEAR MOMENTUM 3. Calibrate the scale of the video using the image of the meter stick by clicking the “Set Scale” button and drawing a line the length of the meter stick and entering 1 m for the line length. 4. Position the playhead at the first frame where both balls are in the video frame and are moving freely (i.e. are not still on the ramp). This will be your first data frame. Capture the motion 1. Click the “Add Point” button, then click on the center of the first ball. The video will advance by one frame immediately after you click. 2. Continue to click on the center of the same ball in all additional frames until the first of the two balls has moved off screen - this will be your last data frame. 3. Click the “Set Active Point” button and select “Add point series” from the popup menu. 4. Return the playhead to the first data frame. Click on the center of the second ball to
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