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Physics I Lab Manual 2011 69

Physics I Lab Manual 2011 69 - EXPERIMENT 9 CONSERVATION OF...

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EXPERIMENT 9. CONSERVATION OF LINEAR MOMENTUM 2. Record the time of collision as a parameter. Select “User parameters ... ” from the “Data” menu, and add a parameter t 0 for this quantity, giving it an appropriate name and recording the numerical value. While you are in the edit parameters menu add a parameter for the mass of each hovercraft m 1 and m 2 and enter the numerical values, and create two parameters that we will use to remove the effects of external forces that you can call m x and m y . You can leave the values of these set to zero for the moment. 3. Create a column for time relative to the collision. Click “New calculated column ... from the “Data” menu and give the new column an appropriate name (in both the “Name:” field and the “Short Name:” field). In the equation panel create a formula for this column of the form t r = t - t 0 by clicking in the equation panel to get a cursor there, selecting “Time” from the list of variables, typing in the minus symbol, then
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