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Experiment 10 Ballistic Pendulum Objective To use a ballistic pendulum to determine the velocity of a projectile. To verify this velocity by measuring the range of the projectile. Theory We use measurements obtained from a ballistic pendulum to review energy conservation, momentum conservation, and projectile motion. From the measured recoil speed of the pendulum we determine the speed of a ball fired by a spring-loaded cannon. We check this speed by measuring the range of a ball fired horizontally from the cannon from the bench top to the floor. The spring-loaded cannon fires a steel ball with sufficient speed to shatter eyeglasses. Use
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Unformatted text preview: appropriate caution. Don’t look down the barrel; you can see from the side whether the spring is cocked and if the ball is in place. Don’t leave a cocked and loaded cannon on the bench. To determine the initial velocity of the steel ball fired from the “canon”, we apply two conservation laws, the conservation of momentum (during the collision) and the conservation of energy (after the collision). Conservation of momentum relates the velocity of the ball 63...
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