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EXPERIMENT 10. BALLISTIC PENDULUM before the collision with the velocity of ball plus pendulum after the collision, according to m b v 0 = ( m b + m p ) v r Conservation of energy relates the initial (kinetic) energy of the pendulum to its final (po- tential) energy, according to 1 2 ( m b + m p ) v 2 r = ( m b + m p ) gh where h is the maximum height reached by the center of mass of the pendulum. Using these two relations, we can determine the velocity
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Unformatted text preview: v of the ball when it is shot from the cannon. Figure 10.1: The operation of the ballistic pendulum Practice 1. Consider a ball of mass m b moving with speed v colliding inelastically with an object of mass m p that is initially at rest. What is the speed v r of the two objects immediately after the collision in terms of v , m b , and m p ? 64...
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