Genetic Diseases

Genetic Diseases - epidermis 3 rd degree burns full...

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Genetic Diseases 1. Psoriasis chronic, noninfectious skin disease skin becomes dry and scaly, often with pustules many varieties cycle of skin cell production increases by 3-4x’s normal stratum corneum gets thick as dead cells accumulate seems to be a genetic component often triggered by trauma, infection , hormonal changes or stress 2. Hypertrichosis (human werewolves) patients show dense hair growth on faces and upper bodies due to malfunction of gene on x chromosome a gene silenced during evolution has been reactivated D. Burns too much sunlight or heat categorized by degree of penetration of skin layer 1 st degree burns skin is inflamed, red surface layer of skin is shed 2 nd degree burns deeper injury blisters form as fluid builds up beneath outer layers of
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Unformatted text preview: epidermis 3 rd degree burns full thickness of skin is destroyed sometimes even subcutaneous tissues results in ulcerating wounds typically results in catastrophic loss of fluids: dehydration electrolyte imbalances also highly susceptible to infections slow recovery (from cells of hair follicles if they survive; otherwise must heal from margins of wound) may require: autografts cadaver skin pig skin prognosis may depend on extent of damage Human Anatomy & Physiology: Integumentary System, Lecture Notes, Ziser, 2005 9 extend of burn damage estimated by “rule of 9’s” head, arms ~9% of skin surface front and back of torso, each leg ~18% of skin surface groin ~1% of skin surface...
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Genetic Diseases - epidermis 3 rd degree burns full...

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