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Unformatted text preview: EXPERIMENT 10. BALLISTIC PENDULUM move the angle pointer to θ . While holding the base firmly against the table fire the cannon by pulling up on the trigger. Observe carefully the angle indicator to ensure that it stays at the maximum angle (if it slides back a few degrees from its maximum displacement due to insufficient friction you will have to use a different apparatus). Write down the maximum angle recorded by the angle indicator. 5. Repeat this process five times to check the reproducibility of the apparatus. Be sure to cock the cannon to the same setting each time. To minimize drag on the pendulum set the angle indicator initially to about 5 o below the maximum recoil angle. Record the maximum recoil angle, θmax , for each shot. Analysis 1. Compute the average value of the recoil angle θ = θ max- θ 2. Find the change in height of the center of mass h cm = r cm (1- cos θ ). 3. Calculate the recoil velocity v r = √ 2 gh cm being sure to use three significant figures for g ;...
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