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Urinary System Gross Anatomy Consist of six organs * Kidneys (2) * Ureters (2) * Urinary bladder * Urethra * Right slightly lower than left due to space occupied by liver Gross Anatomy * Retorperitoneal (lie between the peritoneum and body wall) at the level of T12-L3 Gross Anatomy * Each weight about 160g and measures 12cm long by 5-6cm wide and 2.5-3cm thick * Lateral surface convex, medial surface concave and has a slit called the hilum where it receives the renal artery, vein, ureter and lymphatic vessels Gross Anatomy Protected by three layer of c.t. * Renal fascia- binds the kidney and associated organs to the abd. Wall * Adipose tissue- a layer of fat that cushions the kidney and holds it in place * Renal capsule- a fibrous sac that is anchored at the hilum and encloses the rest of the
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Unformatted text preview: kidney like a cellophane wrapper, and protects it from trauma and infection Gross Anatomy * Renal parenchyma (glandular tissue that forms the urine) appears C-shaped in frontal section and encircles a medial space called the renal sinus (containing blood vessels, nerves, and urine collecting structures) * Parenchyma is divided into two zones * Renal cortex-about 1cm thick * Inner medulla Gross Anatomy * Renal columns (extensions of the cortex) project toward the sinus and divided the medulla into 6-10 renal pyramids * Each pyramid is conical, with a broad base facing the cortex and a blunt point called the renal papilla facing the sinus * One pyramid and the over laying cortex constitute one lobe of the kidney...
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