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EXPERIMENT 11. ROTATIONAL DYNAMICS 6. Determine the angular acceleration of the disk from the plot of angular velocity vs. time by selecting the region of the graph (tap the stylus and drag to select a region) just after the mass was released from rest, but before it had reached the bottom (i.e. the first line segment of the saw tooth graph). Choose “curve fit” from the “analysis” menu and select “velocity” and then choose a “linear” curve fit form the “Fit Equation” pull down menu. Record the value for m the best fit slope, with appropriate units taken from the graph. Call the magnitude of this value α - , the magnitude of angular acceleration when the applied torque opposed the frictional torque. Repeat for the region just after the mass had reached the bottom but before it had wound all the way up calling the magnitude of the slope α + the magnitude of angular acceleration when the applied torque is in the same direction as the frictional torque.
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