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Experiment 12 Angular Momentum Objective The object of this experiment is to observe and analyze one-dimensional rotational collisions between two disks rotating about a common axis. You will test the law of conservation of angular momentum and determine whether or not rotational kinetic energy is conserved during the collision. Experiment We will use a rotation sensor to monitor the angular velocity of a bar before and after another bar, initially at rest, is dropped onto it. If no external torque is applied the total angular
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Unformatted text preview: momentum of the system will be conserved. 1. Measure the mass, length and width of the bars, and the mass and radius of the aluminum disk 2. Set one of the aluminum bars onto the wheel of the rotation sensor with the set screw through the center hole to keep it in centered. 3. Connect the rotation sensor to the LabQuest Data Logger and make sure the data logger is set to record for 10 seconds. 75...
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