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EXPERIMENT 12. ANGULAR MOMENTUM 4. Spin the aluminum bar that is attached to the rotation sensor at a speed of a few radians per second, once it is spinning freely, press on the data logger to begin collecting rotation data. Hold the second aluminum bar a few millimeters directly over the spinning bar. About half way into the data collection drop the second bar allowing it to collide with the first one causing the two bars to begin to rotate with a common angular velocity. 5. Store the data from this run 6. Repeat the angular collision but this time drop the aluminum disk onto the spinning
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Unformatted text preview: bar. Analysis Both experiments are one-dimensional rotational collisions. The axis of rotation remains fixed throughout the experiment. If no external torques act on the disks, the total angular momentum of the system should be conserved during the collision, that is to say, the total angular momentum before the collision should equal the total angular momentum after the collision. 1. Transfer the data for each run onto the computer and into Logger Pro. Repeat the following procedure for each run. 76...
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