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Physics I Lab Manual 2011 87 - EXPERIMENT 12 ANGULAR...

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EXPERIMENT 12. ANGULAR MOMENTUM 2. Change the label on the ”velocity” column to ”Angular velocity of bar 1” or similar. Plot this versus time. 3. Identify the time in the middle of the interval over which the angular collision occurred. There should be a rapid change in the values of the plot over the interval associated with the collision. 4. Create a new manual column for the angular velocity of bar 2. Set the value of all the cells before the collision time to zero. For the cells after the collision the disk was moving at the same angular speed as bar 1, so copy in the value of the cells from the column for angular velocity of bar 1. In reality the second bar slowly spun up as the first spun down, but since we aren’t able to measure the speed of the second bar directly, we have to do this type of estimation, and then we’ll ignore the data points that occur during the interval where the bars speeds are changing.
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