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Physics I Lab Manual 2011 99

Physics I Lab Manual 2011 99 - Analysis The torsional...

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Analysis The torsional pendulum was found to have a rotation of 0.102 rad per Newton of force acting on each of the barbell masses. The calibrated response of the torsional pendulum was used to de- termine the force producing the measured angular displacement of the pendulum for 4 different combinations of test masses and test mass positions. When m 1 m 2 /r 2 is plotted versus the meas- ured force for each case the slope of the best-Ft line is G. G can be expressed as G = F m 1 m 2 / r 2 ( ) with uncertainty δ G = G F F 2 + m 1 m 1 2 + m 2 m 2 2 + 2 r r 2 and evaluates to 0.9x10
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