Intensity Summation

Intensity Summation - +2 in between each twitch. This...

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Intensity Summation Increasing the voltage that activates a whole nerve (which innervates a particular muscle) will produce stronger contractions in that muscle. Whole nerve stimulation will recruit multiple motor units within that muscle and results in increased tension generated by the muscle. The tension generated is the sum of the force produced by the individual muscle cells within the muscle. This is known as multiple motor unit summation . Frequency Summation Stimulating the muscle at higher frequencies will also result in increased tension. A relatively low frequency allows full recovery between twitches and little force generation. A mid-level frequency of stimulation means each stimulus arrives before the previous twitch is over and each twitch develops more tension than the one before due to the failure to remove all Ca
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Unformatted text preview: +2 in between each twitch. This phenomenon is known as temporal or wave summation and at the higher end of the mid-level range, incomplete tetanus. Higher frequencies of stimulation allows no time to relax between stimuli so twitches fuse into a smooth prolonged contraction called complete tetanus and gives rise to normal smooth muscular movements. Isometric and Isotonic Contractions The contraction of muscles results in increasing tension, but may not always result in movement of a body part. Isometric muscle contraction develops tension without changing the length of a muscle while isotonic muscle contractions change the length of a muscle without changing tension....
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Intensity Summation - +2 in between each twitch. This...

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