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Leukocytes - Leukocytes In contrast to the number of...

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Leukocytes In contrast to the number of erythrocytes per uL , leukocytes number about 5,000-10,000/uL. Although this number is much smaller, they are still essential for survival, as leukocytes are responsible for defense from microorganisms and other pathogens . Leukopoiesis During the process of hemopoiesis, stimulation of the hemocytoblast with colony-stimulating factors gives rise to several committed cell types. These include the B and T progenitor lymphocytes and granulocyte-macrophage colony-forming units . (See Figure 2). CSFs are released by mature WBCs in response to infection; thus stimulation of the body's immune system results in the production of additional defenders. As with the other formed elements, WBCs are produced in the red bone marrow; however, immature T-lymphocytes are released and travel to the thymus to complete the maturation process. After maturation, WBCs begin circulating in the blood, but most cells types leave the circulatory system within about one day and perform their functions in the tissues.
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