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Physics I Lab Manual 2011 111

Physics I Lab Manual 2011 111 - 2 Transfer the collected...

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Appendix C Logger Pro Tutorial Many of the experiments in this manual rely on the LabQuest Data Logger to collect data and on Logger Pro to analyze the data. You can find a quick reference manual online at http://www2.vernier.com/manuals/LP3QuickRefManual.pdf , and you can download Logger Pro for use on your own computer at http://tinyurl.com/sjsuLP . The instructions below represent just the most common steps you will be asked to do. Importing data 1. Click on the data logger device to start recording data and begin to move the force sensor in and out to raise and lower the mass for 10 seconds while the LabQuest data logger collects force and acceleration data. Do not let the mass touch the floor at any point during the data collection.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Transfer the collected data onto one of the lab computers for analysis by connecting it via a USB cable and opening “Data Logger Pro” on the computer. The device will be auto-detected and you will be prompted to import the data. If you are successful you can skip step 9, otherwise see the instructions for manually importing data in the next step. 3. If your data did not import automatically, save your data on the handheld device by selecting “save” from the “file” menu. Then when it is connected to the computer, select “LabQuest Browser” from Logger Pro’s “File” menu and select the file that you just saved. 101...
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