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Unformatted text preview: APPENDIX C. LOGGER PRO TUTORIAL Entering Data Data can be classified in two forms: constants and variables, constant values (such as the mass of an object) are called “User Parameters” in Logger Pro, while variables are called “Columns” because the values the variable takes are organized as cells in a column of the data table. 1. To enter a constant into Logger Pro select “User parameters ... ” from the “Data” menu, and add a parameter giving it an appropriate name and recording the numerical value. 2. To manually enter the values for a variable click ‘New manual column ... ” from the “Data” menu. Enter an appropriate name (and short name). You can have Logger Pro populate each cell with a preset numerical value by clicking the “Generate Val- ues” checkbox and entering the appropriate parameters, or you can simply type the numerical values into the cells in the column after the column is created....
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