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Physics I Lab Manual 2011 113 - APPENDIX C LOGGER PRO...

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APPENDIX C. LOGGER PRO TUTORIAL 2. To change the quantities plotted on a graph click on the label for the x or y axis and select the new quantity you wish to plot. If you want to plot more than one quantity, click on the y-axis and select “More”, then click the checkbox for every quantity you want to include on the plot. 3. To change the appearance of the graph double click on the graph to bring up the graph/axes options window. You might choose to turn off connecting lines or show error bars from the “graph options” tab, or you might choose to change the scale of the axes from the “axes options” tab. Curve Fitting While we often want to fit a particular function to the data on our graph and can do so through the “curve fit . . . ” option of the “Analyze” menu, when we want to fit a straight line to the data we can use the short cut of selecting “linear fit” instead. 1. When fitting a general curve you will first have to choose the form of the function from the “General Equation” pane. You can then manually enter parameters that you wish
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