Mature Connective Tissue

Mature Connective Tissue - to underlying structures It is...

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tissue Mature Connective Tissue Subdivived into * Loose * Dense CONNECTIVE TISSUE PROPER Loose areolar tissue * The fibroblasts are embedded in the matrix : they do not lie in lacunae (chambers within the matrix). * The fibers are loosely woven and thus the ground substance is highly visible. * The three types of fibers ( collagen, elastic and reticular ) are present in roughly the same amount. * Many accessory cells (macrophages, mast cells, plasma caells) can be found in these tissues. * It is the most widely distributed connective tissue in the body. CONNECTIVE TISSUE PROPER Loose areolar tissue * Connective tissue proper loose areolar is a soft pliable tissue that serves as a general packaging material . * It packages organs, * wraps small blood vessels and nerves (fascia), * surrounds glands, * forms the superficial part of the dermis as well as the hypodermis which attaches the skin
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Unformatted text preview: to underlying structures. * It is present in all mucous membranes as the lamina propria. * areolar tissue and adipose tissue combined form the subcutaneous tissue that attaches the skin to underlying structures * abundant elastic and collagen fibers in a ground substance containing mostly hyaluronic acid. Areolar C.T. Areolar C.T. Loose Connective Tissue (cont.) Adipose Tissue * Most abundant cell is the adipocyte (fat cell) * derived from the fibroblast * stores fat (triglycerides) for energy reserve * fat droplets in the cell pushes the nucleus to the side * good insulator against heat loss or cold because is a poor conductor of heat * supports and protects various organs...
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