Maxillary Nerve - Cranial Nerves Maxillary Nerve: CN V2 *...

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Cranial Nerves Maxillary Nerve: CN V 2 * The maxillary nerve exits the cranium through the foramen rotundum and enters the pterygopalatine fossa. * In the fossa, several sensory branches to the teeth and palate are given off. * the greater and lesser palatine nerves, * the nasopalatine nerve, * the posterior superior alveolar nerve * communicating branches to the pterygopalatine ganglion. Ophthalmic Division (V I ) Abducens Nerve (CN VI) Abducens Nerve (CN VI) * Supplies the lateral rectus muscle . * fibres originate from the ipsilateral abducens nuclei located in the caudal pons beneath the 4 th ventricle * exist through the superior orbital fissure Clinical Significance of the Abducens Nerve (Lateral Gaze) * This causes medial strabismus (the affected eye deviates medially by the unopposed action of the medial rectus muscle). * The individual may be able to move the affected eye to the midline, but no further, by relaxing the medial rectus muscle . Abducens Nerve Damage (CN VI) Facial Nerve (CN VII) Facial Nerve (CN VII) * Has four components with distinct functions: * Brancial motor (special visceral efferent) * Visceral motor (general visceral efferent) * Special sensory (special afferent) * General sensory (general somatic afferent)
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Maxillary Nerve - Cranial Nerves Maxillary Nerve: CN V2 *...

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