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Micro Anatomy - secretin cholecysotokinin gastric...

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Digestive System Micro Anatomy(cont.) * Surface epithelium- consist of simple columnar epithelium containg * absorptive cells * goblet cells- mucus producing * hormone producing cells * paneth cells. * Microvilli * these are the cytoplasmic extensions on the surface of the columnar epithelium that line the SI that allow for an even greater surface area for absorption. Micro Anatomy(cont.) * intestinal glands - produce and secrete intestinal juices. * Paneth cells - found in the deep part of the intestinal gland. * Secrete lysozyme - enzyme that kills bacteria * helps to regulate the bacteria population * can be phygocytic * Hormone producing cells- also found in the deep parts of the gland and secretes
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Unformatted text preview: * secretin * cholecysotokinin * gastric inhibitory peptide Other Special Structures and Glands * Solitary lymphatic nodules * Peyer’s patches- groups of lymphatic nodules- most numerous in the ileum. * Duodenal glands- secrete alkaline mucus that helps neutralize gastric acid in the chyme. Mechanical Digestion in the Small Intestine * Has two types of movement * Segmentation- the major mode of movement that involves localized segmental contraction in areas containing chyme, creating a sloshing effect. * Parasympathetic dependent * Peristalsis- propels the chyme through the digestive tract...
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