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EXPERIMENT 1. STATISTICS (a) Based on these histograms, how many times did 3 quarters land heads up? (b) Based on these measurements do nickels and quarters have the same probability of landing heads up? 2. Consider the expression for the height of an object as a function of time y ( t ) = y 0 + v 0 y t + 1 2 a y t 2 when moving with constant acceleration, where y 0 is the initial position, v 0 y is the initial velocity component in the y-direction, and a y is the acceleration in the y-direction. (a) Derive an expression for the time it takes an object to fall to a height - y when released from y 0 = 0 while at rest with an acceleration of - g . t = (b) From our expression in part a, determine the derivative of
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Unformatted text preview: t ( y ) with respect to y dt dy = (c) Using your expression from part b, what is the uncertainty in time δt that is present when an object is measured to fall a distance y with an uncertainty of δy δt = Procedure Measure your reaction time by having your lab partner drop a ruler while you try to catch the ruler as soon as it is dropped. The distance the ruler has fallen will be recorded for several attempts and used to calculate your reaction time. Repeat at least 20 times with each hand. 7...
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