Nervous System Histology

Nervous System Histology - Oligodendrocyte Form myelin...

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Nervous System Nervous System Histology Consist of two types of neurons * Neuroglia - serve to support and protect the neurons. * generally smaller than neurons and outnumber neurons 5-50 times. * Neurons - the main cell of the nervous system that is specialized for nerve impulse conduction. Neuroglia * Central Nervous System * Astrocytes * Oligodendrocytes * Microglia cells * Ependymal cells * Peripheral neuroglia * schwann cells (neurolemmocytes) * satellite cells Central Nervous System Neuroglia Central Nervous System Neuroglia * Astrocytes * are the most abundant and functionally diverse * Help form the blood brain barrier with cytoplasmic extensions called perivasular feet that stimulate the endothelial cells to from tight junctions * convert glucose to lactate for neuronal nourishment * Participate in the metabolism of neurotransmitters * form brain scar tissue ( astrocytosis , gliosis sclerosis) Blood Brain Barrier * Regulates the passage of substances into the brain * Capillary wall * Astrocyte processes Central Nervous System Neuroglia
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Unformatted text preview: * Oligodendrocyte * Form myelin sheath around CNS neurons Central Nervous System Neuroglia * Microglia * Phagocytic cells that engulf destroy microbes and cellular debris in the CNS * active in response to inflammation or injury Microglia Astrocyte & Microglia Central Nervous System Neuroglia * Ependymal Cells- * Line the ventricles (spaces filled with CSF) of the brain and the central canal of the spinal cord Nervous System * Produce cerebrospinal fluid * Assist in the circulation of the CSF Peripheral Nervous System Neuroglia * Schwann cells (neurolemmocytes) Each cells produces part of the myelin sheath around a single axon in the PNS. * Neurolemma (sheath of Schwann)- the outer nucleated cyotplasmic layer of the neurolemmocyte. * Nodes of Ranvier (neurofibral nodes)- periodic gaps in the myelin sheath. Myelinated Axons Satellite Cells * surround the neuron cell bodies in ganglia of the PNS. Little is known of their function....
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Nervous System Histology - Oligodendrocyte Form myelin...

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