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Neuron - various signals ion concentration across the...

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Nervous System Neuron The basic information processing unit of the nervous system that conducts impulses from one part of the body to another. * Structure * have 3 distinct parts * cell body * Dendrites * Axon Neuron Cell Body Cytoskeleton Has an extensive network of microtubles, microfilaments,and neurofilaments * Microtubles - tracks along which organelles are transported * Microfilaments -actin, located under plasma membrane, contractile, transport materials down axon * Neurofilaments - maintains shape of cell, main support for cell, neurofibrils (bundles of neurofilaments Grouping of Neural Tissue Peripheral Nerve Peripheral Nerve Grouping of Neural Tissue Grouping of Neural Tissue Nerve Impulses Nerve Impulses Ion Channels * the membrane has a variety of ion channels formed by membrane proteins * most channels are subject to regulation where they are either open (conducting) or closed (nonconducting). Neural Impulses * the protein gate controls the passage of ions by conformational changes in response to
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Unformatted text preview: various signals. * ion concentration across the channel * electrical impulses * neurotransmitters and hormones Nervous System Neural Impulses Membrane Potentials * in a resting membrane their is a difference in the electrical charge between the inside and outside of the neuron. * the outside is positive and the inside is negative * this occurs because of the differences in the relative concentrations of K+ and negatively charged proteins in side the cell and the Na+ outside the cell. * the resting charge of a cell at rest is -70 millivolts * A cell that has a resting membrane potential is said to be polarized Neural Impulses * Sodium/Potassium pump- maintains the K+ and Na+ concentrations (thus charge difference or resting membrane potential ) across the plasma membrane ( Polarized )....
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Neuron - various signals ion concentration across the...

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