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The - The"scientific method Logical approach to...

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The "scientific method" Logical approach to studying "the nature of nature" Hypothesis -> Experiment -> Theory Hypothesis is the preliminary idea to be tested o Theory is what we call an idea that has been thoroughly tested and found to be true We try to achieve higher evels of confidence in our ideas o A theory has the highest level of confidence in a scientific statement or fact Control experiments - "control" for factors that could influence experimental results in unwanted ways (to make sure you are testing what you want to test) Many variations of the scientific process o Thus, MANY scientific methods—not just one template o Templates are meant to illustrate a process and give a general approach—not to be a rigid must-do set of steps
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Template of the Scientific Method The general idea of how scientists (in any discipline, not just human biology) develop theories. It is an oversimplification of how scientists really work—but it does illustrate the process simply.
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