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Urine Formation I - Urinary System Urine Formation I...

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Urinary System Urine Formation I: Glomerular Filtration * As fluid travels through the nephron, its composition changes, thus its name * Glomerular filtrate- fluid in the capsular space that is similar to blood plasma except that it has almost no protein * Tubular fluid- fluid from the PCT through the DCT * Differs from the glomerular filtrate in that substances are removed and added by the tubule cells * Urine - fluid that enters the collecting ducts Components of Filtration * Filtration membrane- the barrier through which the fluid must pass to enter the capsular space. Consist of: * The fenestrated endothelium of the capillary * The basement membrane * Filtration slits The Filtration Membrane * The fenestrated endothelium of the capillary - the honeycombed structure of the capillary endothelium, containing large pores that allow various substances to pass through (not blood cells or large proteins) The Filtration Membrane * The basement membrane- Its structure is like a kitchen sponge. Most particles larger than 8nm are held back and those with negative charge due to the repelling force created
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