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North Korean nuclear timeline

North Korean nuclear timeline - 1985 North Korea signs NPT...

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1985 North Korea signs NPT 1993 US discovers North Korean nuclear program. N. Korea announces its withdrawal from NPT 1994 Agreed Framework : US, Japan and South Korea agree to provide 2 Light Water Reactors and 138 million gallons of petroleum annually until new reactors on- line 2001 President Bush calls North Korea part of `Axis of Evil’ 2002 North Korea expels IAEA inspectors, dismantles IAEA cameras and moves plutonium fuel-rods for reprocessing. Also announces withdrawal from NPT 2003 Six-Party talks begin: South Korea, Japan, Russia, China and US Feb 2005 Announces possession of nuclear weapons July-Aug 2005 4th Round of Six-Party Talks – recess called July 2006 North Korea launches 7 missiles into the Sea of Japan July 2006 UNSC Res. 1695 (not Chapter VII, unanimous) – sanctions on missile- related materials to N. Korea and demands halt of ballistic missile program Oct 2006 North Korea tests first nuclear device Oct 2006 UNSC Res. 1718 (Chap. VII unanimous) -imposes weapons and financial sanctions on North Korea over its claimed nuclear test, demands that N. Korea
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