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CHEM 1&2 Lab Manual & worksheets pg 54

CHEM 1&2 Lab Manual & worksheets pg 54 -...

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Experiment 2: Compound Types General Chemistry I and II Lab Manual Dakota State University Page 54 of 232 Experiment 2: Compound types Purpose: To examine the difference between ionic and covalent compounds and understand how their properties give rise to this categorization Percolate: To bubble, usually as a result of applied heat Background: See “Using the Pasco System” Introduction: It is amazing what early chemists accomplished even without an understanding of atomic make-up. I love reading old chemistry textbooks to see how they justified some of their conclusions, which, with a few exceptions, were right on target. I even have one book that discusses the octet rule in terms of “valencies”, and have it exactly right. What is interesting about this is that at the back of the book, they talk about this new sub-atomic particle that they are tentatively calling the “electron”. Another thing they had correct was the categorization of compounds into “covalent” and “ionic”.
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