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CHEM 1&2 Lab Manual & worksheets pg 55

CHEM 1&2 Lab Manual & worksheets pg 55 -...

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Experiment 2: Compound Types General Chemistry I and II Lab Manual Dakota State University Page 55 of 232 You will find a series of solid compounds. Run the following tests to decide if each compound is ionic, polar covalent or non-polar covalent based on the above table. Begin by taking very careful observations of each compound, and run each of the following tests on each compound. Solubility: You will need two clean test tubes (one of which is dry) for each of the unknown solids. Make sure that these test tubes are cleaned very well, and rinsed very thoroughly with distilled water. Any contamination from tap water or other sources will seriously affect your conductivity experiment. Put about 1 mL of water (a polar solvent) into one series of test tubes, and 1 mL of the non-polar solvent (probably Hexane) in the other series of test tubes. Place just enough of each solid into one water and one non-polar solvent test tube. Agitate each test tube by flicking it several times while holding it such that it does not fly out of your hands.
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