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Experiment 4: Synthesis of a Compound General Chemistry I and II Lab Manual Dakota State University Page 78 of 232 Experiment 4: Synthesis of a Compound Purpose: To synthesize alum from recycled aluminum. Persona: The traits that makes one’s personality. Background: See “Basic Laboratory Procedures”: balance, Bunsen burner Introduction: As I am writing this experiment, I am drinking a nutritious delicious diet cola. Well, maybe not nutritious. Who am I trying to kid; not delicious either. But it is a diet cola (I’m not gonna tell you which; after the way I opened this introduction, the Coca-Cola Bottling Company would sue my butt off if I did!). AND, it is an aluminium can. I know, because it has a “recycle” symbol on it. Now, let me ask you a question; if you knew that the can that YOU were drinking from at some point touched MY lips, would you STILL be drinking from it? I didn’t think so. Good thing, too, because you’re not supposed to be drinking in lab anyway.
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