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CHEM 1&2 - Experiment 8 Periodicity General Chemistry I and II Lab Manual For this part of the project you may split this work with your

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Experiment 8: Periodicity General Chemistry I and II Lab Manual Dakota State University Page 102 of 232 For this part of the project, you may split this work with your lab partner and no more than one additional group (five people maximum), but you must report the data that you personally were responsible to obtain. Write down the information you obtained in your own lab notebook, and don’t forget to give the URL address or reference the source from which it was obtained. This is an on-line project, so do not use any print resources (unless they are fully available on-line as well). With the other people you are working with, obtain the following information: For the first 18 elements (H through Ar), find the atomic radii, melting points, boiling points, electronegativities, and first ionization energies. Graph this data in your lab notebooks in accordance with the calculations section. Part II B:
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