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Experiment 9: VSEPR General Chemistry I and II Lab Manual Dakota State University Page 104 of 232 Well, seeing that the region of space around the nucleus of the atom occupied by electrons is negative in charge, we notice that these electron pairs will repel one another (the last part of VSEPR, "R" is the repulsion of the valence shell electron pairs). Since these electron pairs repel one another, we arrive at the premise of VSEPR: electron pairs will arrange themselves in space about an atom such that their total repulsive energy is minimized . Well, it sounds more difficult than it really is. Simply speaking, the electron pairs will get as far apart from one another as possible. By doing so, their repulsive energy is minimized. Suppose you had to take a particularly foul tasting medicine, and you were told that you would have to take this medicine for at least 30 days. This is rather open ended, because we never said "at most" how long you should have to take it, so you have your choice of 30 days to the rest of your days. What would you choose?
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