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CHEM 1&2 Lab Manual & worksheets pg 111

CHEM 1&2 Lab Manual & worksheets pg 111 -...

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Experiment 9: VSEPR General Chemistry I and II Lab Manual Dakota State University Page 111 of 232 It seems to me that the best way to learn Lewis Dot Structures is to practice with them. Fortunately we have an entire class of compounds that are particularly well suited for such practice, a class so large, in fact, that it is often given a year of study in most Universities. It’s called organic chemistry. Yep, organic chemistry. I know what you are thinking, “mmmm. ..chocolate”. But you are ready for this challenge. Below you will find a series of empirical formulas. For each
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Unformatted text preview: formula, find an allowed Lewis Dot structure, noting special instructions where given. Some of these formulas exist in “isomeric” forms, that is, there is more than one possible Lewis Dot Structure. In these cases, try to find as many possible structures as indicated. For each valid Lewis Dot Structure, determine the molecular shape using VSEPR, and determine if it is polar or not. Do this part of the experiment before the computer part! Let’s get started! Take notes in your lab notebook, as if this is a normal experiment. Formula 1: CH 4 Formula 2: CH 2 O Formula 3: CH 4 O...
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