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Experiment 10: Gas Laws General Chemistry I and II Lab Manual Dakota State University Page 130 of 232 Experimental Methods: This experiment is broken down into three parts, one to demonstrate Boyle’s Law, one to demonstrate Charles’ law, and the other to demonstrate Poiseuille’s Law. It does not matter which you choose to do first. Wear your eye protection and aprons at all times. Follow all safety guidelines strictly. Boyle’s Law: Obtain a modified “Leur Lock” portion of a syringe, its plunger and a ruler. If the syringe has a plunger already partially in it, return it for a syringe which has no plunger in it! The syringe has been modified in two ways; first, no needle is available. Second, the end of the syringe has been sealed off to prevent air from escaping out of or going into the barrel once the plunger is in place. 2. If necessary, place the plunger back into the barrel. Test the syringe for air leaks by pressing the plunger with your thumb as far into the syringe as possible.
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