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Unformatted text preview: Experiment 10: Gas Laws General Chemistry I and II Lab Manual Dakota State University Page 132 of 232 come in contact with a laboratory ruler. Consider this side of the straw to be contaminated. 3. Cut the side of the straws that have been measured off of the two longest straws with scissors such that all three straws are now the same length. Keep careful track of the side of the straws that have come in contact with the scissors. This is now the contaminated side. Discard the pieces of the straws that have been removed. 4. Have your lab partner time you for this part; with the smallest straw first, draw in a deep breath, and time how long it takes you to exhale completely through that straw. Try to exhale as rapidly as possible. Be careful not to allow yourself to pass out or cause physical harm by trying to blow too hard. If you cannot exhale completely (you run out of breath too soon), take the time your partner measured and record it as “>time”, to indicate that it takes longer than...
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