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Experiment 10: Gas Laws General Chemistry I and II Lab Manual Dakota State University Page 134 of 232 Gas Laws Experiment: Boyle, Charles and Poiseuille Pre-Lab Questions 1) If we have a system where the volume of gas that can flow through a tube in 1 second is 4.2 L, what volume will be able to flow through the tube if we halve the length of the tube? 2) What is the function of the objects we are resting on top of the syringes in the Boyle’s Law portion of this experiment? 4) What must we be careful of in the Charles’ law portion of this experiment where we are
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Unformatted text preview: putting the syringe in the boiling water? 5) What specifically are we measuring with the graduated cylinder in the Poiseuille’s Law portion of this experiment? 6) Explain why it is better to have a sharp needle rather than a dull one when receiving a shot in terms of pressure and the amount of force necessary to break through the skin. 7) Why is it important to keep track of the contaminated side of the straw in the Poiseuille’s Law part of this experiment?...
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