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Experiment 10: Gas Laws General Chemistry I and II Lab Manual Dakota State University page 138 of 232 Gas Laws Experiment: Boyle, Charles and Poiseuille Post-Lab Questions 1) Does the plot of volume versus total pressure demonstrate the inverse proportionality of volume and pressure? If so, why? If not, what were you expecting to see? 2) From the plot of volume versus 1/pressure, calculate the slope. This is the value for the constant k. 3) Since we know from the ideal gas law that k=nRT, then n=k/RT. Assume that the gas inside the cylinder is at 19 o C (approximately room temperature). Calculate the number of moles of gas in the cylinder, n (R=82.06 mL*atm/mol*K). HINT! Don’t forget to convert your temperature to Kelvin! 4) What is your estimate for absolute zero from your plot of volume versus temperature? List as many sources of error as you can. 5) In the Poiseuille part of the experiment, how did the volume of gas change as the radius of the straws change? 6)
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