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CHEM 1&2 Lab Manual & worksheets pg 139

CHEM 1&2 Lab Manual & worksheets pg 139 -...

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Experiment 11: Acids and Bases General Chemistry I and II Lab Manual Dakota State University page 139 of 232 Experiment 11: Acids and Bases Purpose: To gain experience in the properties of acids and bases Purvey: To sell or provide (and I’ll bet you thought it meant something else, didn’t you?) Background: See “Basic Laboratory Procedures”; Litmus paper Introduction: It does not take a great stretch of the imagination to recognize that, in some way, acids and bases are nothing more than a specialized class of ionic compounds, at least in the Arrhenius definition. So why, then, are acids and bases important enough to warrant their own place in a first year course? Because, when we are talking about acids and bases, we are talking about the chemistry of water-based solutions (typically), and water is of critical importance to us as human beings. Think about it; 70% of the earth is occupied by water. YOUR BODY is 90% water.
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