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Experiment 11: Acids and Bases General Chemistry I and II Lab Manual Dakota State University page 140 of 232 You will need the Pasco pH sensor for this experiment; start your Pasco system with the pH probe as usual. You will not need the graph for this experiment. Set up for manual data collection; we will be typing in concentrations for the first part. Part I: pH of common household products In the reagent area, you will find 0.1 M HCl and 0.1 M NaOH. Work with each of these in turn; starting with the HCl, add 1 mL to 100 mL of water to make 0.001 M HCl. Then dilute further by taking 1 mL of the 0.001 mL HCl and adding it to 100 mL of water. Do this a total of three times (you will have four solutions of HCl). Repeat this in a separate set of containers for the NaOH. Measure the pH of each of these solutions and record the result.
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Unformatted text preview: Remember to rinse off the pH probe with distilled water VERY THOROUGHLY between each solution and before the first solution. You will find a collection of common household chemicals. For any solids, add a little bit to water. Test each chemical (or their corresponding solutions) using the pH probe. Record your results. Part II: Salts You will find a series of salts in the lab. Take a spatula tip full (just a little bit, maybe half the size of a pea) and dissolve it in a little water in a clean container. Before taking the pH, try to determine the identity of the acid and base that were mixed to make this salt (or that COULD be mixed to make this salt). Predict if you expect the solution to be acidic, basic or neutral. Using the Pasco system, measure the pH of the solution and record your findings. Calculations: None....
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