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Experiment 12: Le Chatliere’s Principle General Chemistry I and II Lab Manual Dakota State University page 145 of 232 Experiment 12: Le Chatliere’s principle Purpose: To gain experience with Le Chatliere’s principle Purloin: To steal Background: See “Using the Pasco System” and “Basic Laboratory Procedures”; Pipettes Introduction: Equilibia are critical to life. I mean, if chemical reactions were not reversible, we would be one-shot machines. Our metabolism, which is nothing more than the series of chemical reactions that keep us alive, would run through their cycle one time, and we would expire. This does not happen, because most of the reactions in our metabolic pathways are reversible; what is used up in one step, is regenerated in the next. Le Chatliere tells us that, when it comes to equilibria, we are allowed to be bullies. We can push the equilibrium to the reactants by adding products, or to the products by adding reactants.
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