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Experiment 16: Colligative Properties General Chemistry I and II Lab Manual Dakota State University page 168 of 232 Experiment 16: colligative properties Purpose: To gain experience with solubility and colligative properties Pink Floyd: A progressive rock band from the ‘80’s. Good tunes, too! Background: See “Using the Pasco System” Introduction: Do you remember the Crystalline entity from the first season of Star Trek Light (aka Star Trek: The Next Generation)? Do you remember how the entity referred to humans? “Disgusting bags of mostly water,” as memory serves. Not a bad description, since the human body is approximately 90% water. However, it probably would have been a better description to refer to humans as “disgusting walking solutions.” If our body is 90% water, that means we are 10% other “stuff”. Water can be thought of as the solvent in our bodies (the solvent can be thought of as the “carrier”; that in which the solute is dissolved), while the rest of the stuff (proteins, lipids, DNA,
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