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Experiment 17: Calorimetry General Chemistry I and II Lab Manual Dakota State University page 177 of 232 Experiment 17: calorimetry Purposes: To measure heat transfer Ping: A noise made by expensive machines in operating rooms to impress the administration Background: See “Using the Pasco System” and “Basic Laboratory Procedures”; pipettes, balance Introduction: Ever wonder how it is that scientists come to draw the conclusions that have put science where it is today? Today’s experiment is split into two parts; the first is designed to get you to practice asking questions, blind, as it were, much as scientists were a hundred years ago. Nowadays, it is easy to draw on the conclusions of scientists gone by, Dalton’s atomic theory, the Bohr atom, as convenient starting points. But, what do you do if you have no convenient starting point? Then the starting point becomes the most basic; pure observation. The next part of the experiment has several purposes; among them are to familiarize
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