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Experiment 17: Calorimetry General Chemistry I and II Lab Manual Dakota State University page 178 of 232 You have before you a group of sealed canister. It is your task to determine what is within each canister without opening them up! Start by simple observation; play with the canister to familiarize yourself with it. Once familiar, take a guess as to what is within the canister (your first hypothesis). Discuss these ideas with your colleagues (your other group members) and determine how you can design an experiment to test the hypothesis. Keep careful track of your thought processes and experiments. Answer the following questions, describing what you believe the canisters contain and explaining how, exactly, you came to your conclusions: (1) What is the size of the object(s)? (2) What is the shape of the object(s)? (3) What are the physical characteristics of the object(s)? (4) What do you think the canister contains? (5)
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