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Experiment 17: Calorimetry General Chemistry I and II Lab Manual Dakota State University page 180 of 232 temperature change. Swirl carefully (to avoid splashing); continue measuring the temperature until it is stable, or slightly decreasing. Pour the sodium hydroxide solution down the drain (with lots of running water). Clean and dry the coffee cup calorimeter, and dry the beaker. Get 20.00 mL of hydrochloric acid in the beaker this time, and 20.00 mL of distilled water in the coffee cup calorimeter. Just as you did before, obtain the temperature of both solutions, being sure to rinse off the temperature probe and dry it before transferring it from one solution to another. With the probe in the hydrochloric acid, begin taking data points. Pour the HCl solution carefully but rapidly (to avoid splashing) into the coffee cup calorimeter. Cap off the calorimeter. Swirl it and watch the temperature. Continue taking the temperature until the temperature has leveled off or begins to slightly decrease. Pour the HCl solution down the drain with lots of water.
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