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Experiment 19: Qualitative Analysis General Chemistry I and II Lab Manual Dakota State University page 192 of 232 Experiment 19: qualitative analysis Purpose: To determine the cations present in an unknown solution Pernoid: Not a real word Background: See “Basic Laboratory Procedures”; Litmus paper, Bunsen burner Introduction: One of the oldest questions asked by chemists is “what is it?” As I understand it, the Native Americans would chew a particular type of leaf to relieve headaches; chemists wanted to know what was in it that did so. The result is aspirin. The concept of extracting organic materials and analyzing them to determine their chemical composition is beyond the scope of this course (in fact, these topics are covered in Organic Chemistry). However, in this experiment, we will be performing the General Chemistry equivalent; qualitative analysis. In qualitative analysis, we ask simply “what is in it.” We are not worried about how much there is (this is “quantitative analysis”), just, yeah or nay, is this metal present?
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