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Experiment 20: Beer’s Law General Chemistry I and II Lab Manual Dakota State University page 207 of 232 Now, place a cuvette with distilled water in the colorimeter, being sure that the SMOOTH sides to the cuvette are facing the light path. (HINT! NEVER handle a cuvette on the smooth sides; you want this to be as clean as possible.) Set the colorimeter to the correct color. (HINT! Discuss the options with your partners and choose the color that is most absorbed by the substance. Remember; the color that is absorbed is the color you do not see in the solution.) When the current value again stabilizes, click on the “Read High Value” box. This has set the 100% Transmittance reading. Your Pasco system now knows what the low and high values are, and will automatically calibrate itself. Close the dialog box. Setting up the sampling options: The Pasco system can either operate with automated sampling or manual sampling.
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