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Chemistry Laboratory Notebooks General Chemistry I and II Lab Manual Dakota State University page 212 of 232 Chemistry Laboratory Notebooks Introduction : For an experimental scientist, there is no tool more important than the laboratory notebook. In the real world, the laboratory notebook is a legal document; they are often subpoenaed and used in court cases. A poorly kept notebook ultimately could result in millions of dollars lost to a company. For this course, you will be required to keep and maintain a laboratory notebook, and graded on how well you keep it. Although there can be variances in style, there are several headings that should be common to all laboratory notebooks. Following is a guide of what I expect in the notebooks for this class and some helpful hints on keeping a good one. Unless otherwise noted, all headings are required in the order presented. Experiment title and date: Start each experiment by putting the title of the experiment at the top of the page and the date.
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