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Chemistry Laboratory Notebooks General Chemistry I and II Lab Manual Dakota State University page 213 of 232 DO write the page number on top of EACH page; DO include an index on the first page or two of the notebook and keep it current; DO write in non-erasable medium; DO write only on the right side of the page; this saves the left side for scratch paper in case you need to perform a calculation during the experiment; DO cross out any errors with a single line, keeping it legible, then date and initialize near the cross-out; DO get my initials before you leave lab (this is proof that you performed the experiment in lab; lab reports without my initials will receive a “0” grade);
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Unformatted text preview: DON’T tear ANY pages out; DON’T write in pencil or erasable ink DON’T write ANYTHING outside of the notebook; write everything directly into the notebook; DON’T use “White-Out” or blot out errors completely Lab Preview Questions : This is MY proof that YOU are ready for the experiment. You must turn in your pre-lab questions on a separate sheet of paper before the experiment begins. You need not re-write the questions if you don’t want to; however, this section should be written such that it is clear which answer corresponds with each question (typically simply by using the same numbering scheme as in the book)....
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